How are the World Cup favourites prepping for the 2018 Game?

There’s a total of 32 countries which are competing for the World Cup!

All the teams are done with their final games and set to file the provisional squads. This is where the energetic international break is coming to an end. The past week has been a revealing thing for the contenders with the tactical concern, thrashing, confusions with the selection, and what not!

We have enlisted about the Top World Cup favorites and their preparations in brief.

How are the World Cup Favorites prepping for the 2018 Game?

Only a true football lover could understand the concerns of yet another football lover. We are always in a bit of worry and anxiety to know what and how our favorite team is prepping for the match. Below are the information that we received through our sources:

World Cup Favourites

1. Belgium

This team plays it really well, but haven’t won any of the major tournament yet. They have reached the semi-finals twice and lost the matches. With highly talented players on the team, Belgium stands as a strong competitor in the game. Kevin De Bruyne mentioned how the team requires to build a better tactical system apart from using the gaming talents.

2. Argentina

Just putting all the pressure on Messi’s shoulders is not the way of playing. We can hope to see some changes during the game, in a positive way of course. Just like the team trounced Italy with a 2-0 score without the presence of Messi!

3. France

They are the World Cup holders of the year 1998, the game which was hosted in France itself. They have a bunch of quality players, 3 among which remain the highest paid footballers ever found in the history. France has a good set of players, and now it depends on the coach Didier Deschamps how he’s going train them and set them up for the match.

4. Brazil

The team with the highest winnings in the history of World Cups! Brazil is all set to keep the legacy continued for the upcoming matches. The only question is the availability of Neymar for the game, which will be revealed soon.

5. Portugal

Portugal got placed into the World Cup squad with their win of 2-0 against Switzerland. They also have Cristiano Ronaldo, who even at the age of 33 stands strong for the team.

6. Germany

Well, Germany ranks as the top team alongside Brazil. While Germany only needs some current holders and a World Cup to match up with that of Brazil. They remained unbeaten for 22 games, with some friendly draws against England, France, but they lost it out to Brazil with a score of 1-0!

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